NBA No. 1 Pick Returns

NBA No. 1 Pick Returns

No. 1 Draft Pick Markelle Fultz made his return last night (Mon, March 27th), after going through a shoulder injury combined with an awkward shooting form problem that followed. Don't sleep on this kid. It's easy to quickly say "draft bust" but the kid has potential to be an All-Star guard, with his tools & skill set.

Can the Sixers make the playoffs this year? #TrustTheProcess

Markelle Fultz Comback March 27th, 2018

Fultz has an excellent driving game & contact layups, and there was nothing wrong with his shot during college. Whatever hitch that he has in his shot looks to be because of the shoulder injury, combined with an altered form due to compensating.

Markell Fultz has taken time off from the NBA since October, which has been a big deal considering he was #1 overall in the NBA draft.  The Philidelphia 76ers have a much better look, and their mantra of "trust the process" seems to have paid off for them with the young talent and wiley veteran signings. A look at last night's game, let's hope that we can see Markelle Fultz play to his true potential in the NBA. Lots of raw ability shown in last night's performance:

Markelle Fultz Full Highlights | Denver Nuggets vs Philadelphia 76ers | March 26, 2018 | 2017-18 NBA Season ✔️

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