Continents Collide : Oakville Kickboxing

On Saturday, April 14th BTC Fight Promotions will be putting on a show for Burlington / Oakville MMA fans. In partnership with Kickboxing Ontario the show will pit the best kickboxers from Canada vs. representatives from South Africa.

This is an amateur event, but some of these kids have their eye on fighting professionally. These are high-level fighters who have been training for years, and they're excited to showcase their skills & represent their country.

Matchups & Breakdowns

1. Luqman Kinnarath (CAN) vs. Sebastiaan Xander Boshoff (SA)

Luqman Kinnarath of MAS Thai Boxing in Cambridge is taking on Sebastiaan Xander Boshoff of South Africa. Kinnarath has a long history of Muay Thai bouts for his young age and is making the switch to the more popular, less arduous kickboxing. After winning a gold medal at the Ontario Winter Games 2018 last month; Kinnarath is someone to watch closely at Continents Collide. Showdown video below: 

2. Emily Vallance (CAN) vs. Charlise Ludeke (SA)

Another multi-time regional and international champion is 17 year old Emily Vallance from Apeiron MMA in Cornwall, ON. Showing a strong kickboxing pedigree for many years, she is on the right path to become a big name in combat sports. Emily takes on Charlise Ludeke of SA in the co-main event of Team Canada vs Team South Africa.

3. Terry Sulkye (CA) vs. Christiaan Johannes de Nysschen (SA)

Hidden among the young talents covering the majority of this event is a veteran's match up (+40 years of age) between Terry Sulkye (Canada) and Christiaan Johannes de Nysschen (South Africa). Terry Sulkye is the owner and head instructor of Golden Tiger Kung Fu in Hanover, ON. With over 35 years martial arts experience Terry has studied a wide variety of martial art styles not limited to kung fu, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu. in his storied history in combat sports Terry has competed in kickboxing and amateur MMA bouts. On the other hand de Nysschen of South Africa has many years of experience competing internationally as a point fighter. It will make for an interesting clash of styles this coming Saturday night/ next Saturday night. Highlights of Terry Sulkye below:

4. Payton Corrigan (CA) vs. Luan Venter (SA)

Payton Corrigan of Kalsamrit martial arts in Bowmanville, ON is a young star on the rise. Having represented Team Canada recently in Thailand; Payton has international experience under his belt and has racked up more than 20 kickboxing/muay thai fights over a short period of time. Broadening his horizons Payton is studying multiple disciplines to add to his martial arts experience and has his eyes set on competing in MMA. Payton's match up with Luan Venter of South Africa will headline the Team Canada vs Team South Africa showdown.

Don't Blink : Fireworks Matchup

5. Garth Watkins vs. Scott Bartlett

After both teams are done competing the main event will take place. Stand out combat sport athlete Garth Watkins of the Bay Area Athletic Club in Burlington, ON competes against Scott Bartlett head coach of Melbrook Martial Arts Academy in a heavyweight full contact k1 style kickboxing bout.

The event takes place at Sixteeen Mile Sports Complex in Oakville, visit for tickets & more information.

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