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Fusion players remain positive after a tough start to the season

Alex TaylorComment
Fusion players remain positive after a tough start to the season

The Flamborough Fusion ‘white’ U13 boy’s season continued its rocky start on Tuesday evening, with a 7-0 loss to their cross-town rivals. 

The matchup was jokingly referred to as a “derby” by coach Adam Mazzaferro at the beginning of the season and pitted the Flamborough Fusion against… the Flamborough Fusion. To make matters worse, the teams each wore their away jerseys, meaning “Fusion white” wore blue, and “Fusion blue” donned their white shirts. 

Mazzaferro’s side were down early, as the A-squad rushed out to an early lead, scoring two goals in the first five minutes of play.

“They were a big strong team that came out hard.” Assistant coach Evan D’Agostino said at half time. “We need to come out flying [in the second.]”

Unfortunately, Fusion white were unable to fight their way back into the game, and for the first time all season they were kept off the score sheet. 

Half time adjustments

Half time adjustments

They’ve got all the components, but as a team we need to put it all together.

The result was yet another frustrating moment for Mazzaferro’s team, a team that has felt increasingly close to victory despite having zero points to show for it through four league games.

“Personally, I feel like they’re on the cusp of putting it all together.” Assistant coach Danny Baldwin said pre-game. “They’ve got all the components, but as a team we need to put it all together.”

“We just need to communicate more.” Said Thomas Giammichele, who played winger last night.

Joseph Giammichele, who also plays on the team, echoed his brother’s thoughts. 

“We weren’t really moving the ball smoothly together.” Joseph said. “There was a lot to build on in our next practice…we need to learn each game and get better.”

With the team’s fifth straight loss now sinking in, some are beginning to wonder if Flamborough Fusion’s B squad are properly placed within the rep soccer tier system, and if they would have benefitted from being with lower competition in their first year of competitive league play. 

Players and coaches alike are adamant that is not the case.

“It’s just a learning curve.” Joseph Giammichele insisted. “There are some bad things, and some good things. We need to look at the positives.”

His head coach agreed.

“I think we’re in the proper tier.” Coach Adam Mazzaferro said post-game. “It’s just a learning curve…a couple quick goals, and we were in a hole we couldn't get out of.”

Still thinking of the future, Coach Adam was happy with the heart shown by his team.

“I was proud of our team.” Mazzaferro said. “Tonight, I saw hustle right to the 80th minute.” 

Going into the evening, Fusion white were 8th place in the ten-team league, holding a vastly superior goal differential to those lower than them. Three teams have recorded double digit losses so far in season play, meaning that even the 7-0 loss of last night still has the Fusion above those teams in goal differential.

With fourteen games to go in season play, there still remains plenty of points to be claimed. And while losing is obviously not fun for the players, the team feels a win is just around the corner.

It’s just a learning curve.

. The Fusion have yet to play a team lower than themselves in the standings, and three of their league opponents are currently in the top five. While the results have still been disappointing, they may simply be a case of a mid-table team getting an unlucky draw to start their season. 

In the coming weeks, the Fusion will play the teams more around their standing, and their results in those games will paint a clearer picture on the potential of this team. 

Only then will we be able to see if the Fusion bit off more than they could chew by requesting to play in tier 1…or if the players and coach were right all along.

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